Arm Decoration Game

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Arm Decoration Game
Зареждане ... Играта зареди, натисни тук, за да започнеш да играеш!

I don't know about you girls, but I started dreaming of a super fun arm decoration session some long time ago! I used to lay back in my fluffy bed and start imagining where I would place my butterfly tattoo, what type of watch I will be wearing when that happens and what nail art I will choose for my nails! The funny part of my story is that somehow managed to surprise me once again and this time with this funky arm decoration game which, I want to believe, it was especially create for me and for all those girls who have ever dreamed of a lovely manicure associated with a nice henna tattoo and many, many bracelets! Before doing anything else I started my work by choosing some new, lovely nail tips for my thumbs! Once I decided on their color and design, I started picking a nice watch, a glittering ring and some bejeweled bracelets, paying great attention to match them with my outfit! For a complete arm decoration session I checked the tattoo box available at my disposal in the 'Arm Decoration Game' and because I had an amazing day today I decided to go for that lovely blue butterfly design! I had so much fun with this arm decoration game girls, so I decided to share it with you to have the same fun decorating your arms as I did! Hit 'Play' and enjoy it!