Помощ за игрите

Is Igri.top free?
– Yes, our web site is totally free and always will be.

How can i play the games?
-You can find the descriptions and which keyboard key you can use about how to play game below the game page.

Flash games is not running?
-Flash player must be installed on your computer to play flash games on our web site.Flash player is available on most computers and browsers in the world. If the browser which you use it has not installed flash player you can download it here.

3D games is not running?
Unity 3D plug-in and Adobe Shockwave plug-in must be installed on your computer.

I can play all games but i could not play one of games, what will i do?
-Shockwave plug-in or Unity plug-in may be damaged.
-What to do:
*Close your browser and restart it again.
*Try to clean your browser’s temporary folder (clean cache).
*Shockwave plug-in or Unity plug-in may not be latest version.
*Browser’s javascript may be unchecked. Check it.

Games are loading slowly?
-The reasons of slow loading:
*Loading games vary depending on your internet speed or game server speed.
*Check games Kilobyte Size.