Egyptian Spa Day

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Egyptian Spa Day
Зареждане ... Играта зареди, натисни тук, за да започнеш да играеш!

The ancient Egyptians had a number of beauty rituals and their obsession for beauty, youth and perfection it's quite renowned. That's why Egypt is the perfect destination if you want to relax and spoil yourself with all kind of spa treatments, but also enjoy some breath taking landscapes. Only a few spa resorts have kept the ancient secrets of eternal beauty, and today we will take you to one of these spas to enjoy yourself and feel fabulous. Because you truly deserve it, girls! The day at the Egyptian spa will begin with a specialized facial treatment: you will be pampered with an amazing cleanser, a water lily face treatment and other high quality creams. Your skin must look flawless and the treatments will protect it from the powerful hot sun. While in Egypt you need to look fabulous, so you also need a perfect shape for your eye brows which can totally change your appearance. Next: a nice relaxing massage for your back with essential oils. Chromotherapy will boost your mood and make your feel relaxed and cheerful. Your feet are important too, so at the Egyptian spa you will be provided with a divine spa care for your feet. The great scrubs, bubbly creams and bath with orchid flowers will make you feel completely relaxed and joyful. Now that you feel good, you also must look good, so have fun finding an amazing dress that will compliment your beautiful figure and emphasize your natural beauty. A great hairdo and Egyptian-inspired accessories will complete your whole look. Enjoy your Egyptian spa day!