Sophia’s Picnic Haircuts

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Sophia’s Picnic Haircuts
Зареждане ... Играта зареди, натисни тук, за да започнеш да играеш!

Hello ladies! Our friend Sophia is now back with a new challenge for you! She has prepared a super fun hairstyling task for all those little hairdressers willing to show off their unique skills. Don't you imagine is going to be all easy and fun... she needs a really cute new haircut for that fancy picnic she's getting ready for, so you will have to give out the best in you and surprise her with a cute casual hairstyle to match her colorful outfit she has prepared for this event! So are you ladies ready to start playing out with all those professional hair styling tools she bought for you? If so, get the 'Sophia Picnic Haircuts' game stared, take a pair of scissors and cut wherever you want and then dye her hair in the colors you want from the great variety of options you have at your disposal. Once you're done, you can create a lovely curly hairstyle for her or maybe a perfectly straight one, you can pull her hair up in a bun or leave it fall on her shoulders. Just make sure you create something casual but chic at the same time to fit the occasion she's getting ready for. Then you can continue with the make-up part of Sophia's preparation and create a really feminine make-up look for her eyes and lips. Look for a really nice outfit to dress her with that you get to accessorize with sparkling earrings and matching chains. Have a great time playing the 'Sophia Picnic Haircuts' game!